We undertake all types of civil constructions, both of individuals and
corporate managements. The company specializes in new strategies
in both residential and commercial constructions as well as independent villas ,
flats, shopping malls etc. Main areas of work will include consulting, construction,
landscaping and supervising. The system includes excellent architects and designers
who provide wholesome, effective and ‘to the point’ solutions
for the projects undertaken from the wide and varied clientele.

Starting from laying the foundation to roofing and the detailed inhouse works
such as flooring, plumbing, electrical and execution of interiors, are carried out by our well experienced and
talented staff and other crew members with immense importance to
all the aspects of aesthetics that, should enhance any building or project
undertaken. Utmost importance is also given to the external designing and
landscaping. Apart from services in providing House Extensions and leak
proofing, we are also into soil testing.

A soil test provides basic information on the
composition of the soil and its ability to support a structure; as well as
the absorption and drainage rate of the soil. The type of soil on your
site will determine the drainage rate.

Also, a lot of importance is given to Vastu shastra since it deals with
various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in
harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces.

We do not deal with subcontractors or any other related entities.
Transparency in work is something that we ensure by completing the
projects in the proposed estimates. The fully furnished building will be
handed over to the customers within the stipulated time.